4 Autumn Cleanup Tips For Your Garden

With peak gardening season coming to a close, now is the ideal time to start an autumn cleanup in the garden. Preparing your garden for the changing of the seasons is an essential part of gardening, and will ensure your garden is in the best shape come spring next year.

As you complete your gardening tasks for October, consider getting a head start on an autumn cleanup. Start by removing weeds, spreading fresh mulch, and planting perennials before the first frost, as this work will set the foundation for flourishing flowers in spring.

A cleanup will help prevent the spread of disease and insect pests from the current season to the next. Removing diseased plants is important for the health of your garden in the coming year.


4 fall cleanup tips for your garden and yard


  1. Dig out those weeds

While there is an aesthetic aspect to removing weeds and debris, perennial weeds such as dandelion, ground ivy, and white clover will survive the winter and make a reappearance in spring, so best to get rid now. Pests and diseases can also thrive in plant debris.


  1. Clean off accessories and store them properly

Any gardening accessories, such as tomato cages, lattices, and plant stakes that are not being used should be brought indoors and stored away after being cleaned and disinfected.


  1. Plant your perennials early

Plant perennials early, before the first frost to help them take root early before the ground gets too cold in winter. While most perennials do not need cutting back until spring, remove plant debris from peonies, roses, fruit trees, or any plants showing signs of disease.


  1. Create a compost pile

Autumn is the perfect time to start a compost heap if you don’t already have one, especially if you want to give your soil some TLC. Homemade compost just down on your water bill prevents weeds and gives your garden a boost.


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