5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Recycling

We all try to recycle as much as we can in the home, right? But how much thought do you give to your recycling, beyond searing cardboard and plastic and trying to remember which day is recycling collection day?

If you do make an effort to recycle, then fantastic! But are you fully aware of what can or can’t be recycled by curbside collections? As we all strive to live more sustainable lives, we look at some tips to help improve your recycling efforts.

The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) also has information on its website about what you can recycle in your particular area, and what to do with individual products such as textiles, aerosols and electronic items.


  1. Squash bottles

Squashing plastic bottles before putting them out for recycling will not only save space, and recuse the carbon footprint from transporting them, but it will stop them from rolling off sorting machine conveyor belts.


  1. Screw lids back on

When being processed by sorting machines, items such as lids and straws are too small to be recognised, and usually rejected. By screwing on the lids, or pushing straws into cartons, they become part of the bottle and are more likely to be recycled.


  1. Recycle soft plastic at the supermarket

Recyclable plastic film and plastic carrier bags generally can’t be recycled in curbside collections. But you can take them back to recycling points at big supermarkets.


  1. Scrunch up foil

Kitchen foil is usually recyclable in household collections. But small pieces can get lost and risk not being picked up by the sorting machines, so scrunch it up into a bigger ball. A tennis ball size is ideal.


  1. Empty and rinse

If there’s residual food waste left in your recycling, empty it and give it a quick rinse. They do not need to be sparkling clean, but plastics with food debris left on risk contaminating other materials such as card or paper and rendering it unrecyclable. It also makes life rather unpleasant for the people sorting your recycling at the other end.


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