A January House Cleaning Checklist

A brand new year is here, and many people decide to use the new year as a fresh start, whether thats resolving to get fitter, find a new job, or taking up a new hobby.

For many people, the new year is the ideal time to give the house a good clean and clear out, as well as outside the house too! Lets have a look at a checklist for cleaning the house in January.


1. Festive decor

Sadly, Christmas is over for another year, so its time to take down the festive decor and twinkly lights inside and outside the house.


2.  Clear the clutter

Now is the time to clear out the clutter from the garage, shed, basement or attic. Be ruthless and get rid of anything you dont need or want. Be sure to recycle anything you can, or donate items so they can be reused.


3.  Out with the old, in with the new

If Father Christmas brought you lots of nice goodies, then you might be wise to have a car out of wardrobes and closets to make room for your new shiny things! Again, donate any clothes you no longer need to those less fortunate.


4.  Soft furnishings

Gather all the pillows, cushions, rugs and throw blankets and launder them or send them to the cleaners.


5.  Hard furnishings

Dust and sanitise hard surfaces such as tables, countertops, chairs, kitchen appliances, telephones, etc – essentially anything that gets touched regularly. This should also be done regularly to help protect you and your family from the coronavirus and flu.

Dont forget mobile phones, tv remote controls, radios, and computers.


6.  Happy houseplants

Clean, healthy house plants add a breath of fresh air to a room. Dusty houseplants contribute a more funereal tone. Clean them and they will clean your air. Simply wipe the leaves with a microfibre cloth.


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