Clear Shrubs Now For Garden Preperation

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Now February is here you need to be thinking about preparing your garden for the coming year.  If you want to remove shrubs to make space for new garden plants and features now is the time.

So how do you do it:


  1. Remove all branches

This may seem time-consuming but it is the only way you are going to be able to get close enough to the plant to remove the stump.

You need to start at the bottom if possible, or just on the outside of the plant if it is very bushy and work your way in.

Be careful while doing this, particularly of your eyes. If you can wear protective eye gear.


  1. De-root the stump

You may want to cut the main stem down to about a foot high before you do this. To de-root the tree dig around the bottom of the trunk about a foot or two out, taking care to cut and slice through the root ball. Clear as much soil away from the roots as possible and take a hack saw to the larger roots.


  1. Remove the stump

Use a spade to prise the root ball out of the hole, slicing any additional roots you missed before as you go. Then fill the hole with soil again in order to avoid any accidents around it.

Find out more on the WikiHow.

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