Don’t Fall Victim To Waste Crime, Households Warned

Households have been issued a warning by the Environment Agency to be vigilant so as to prevent themselves from falling victim to waste crime during lockdown, which can cause serious environmental pollution, undermines legitimate business and which costs the economy £600 million each year.

There are ways in which you can help avoid contributing to waste crime, such as by making sure those you hire to take your rubbish away are registered waste carriers. Ask to see a copy of their registration numbers and then check them against the public register to make sure they’re above board.

You are also advised to make a note of the model, colour and registration number of the vehicle that is being used to take your waste away. If you do not take responsibility for who collects your rubbish you could be liable for landfill tax or even be prosecuted alongside the illegal operators themselves.

The Environment Agency’s Mark Adams said: “Unlicensed waste operators often advertise to homes via social media or through leaflets posted through the front door.

“They might offer what seems like a great deal to get rid of an old sofa or fridge for example, garden waste or building rubble, but you as householder are responsible for the waste you produce. If it ends up dumped illegally you could be prosecuted.”

Back in April, it was revealed that some parts of the country had seen an increase in fly tipping amid the pandemic, driven in large part by the fact that more people were doing DIY and also because waste facilities and rubbish tips were closed.

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