How To Deal With Waste During Lockdown

Now that we are all spending more time at home, and ticking off all those jobs around the home that have been demanding our attention, it’s likely you’ve accumulated a growing pile of unwanted items.

We’re all much more appreciative of our waste collection services at times like these, but with recycling centres and charity shops across the UK remaining closed for now, what can you do with the stuff you don’t want?

We have some tips to help you stay on top of your rubbish during the lockdown.


Box up donations ready for when charity shops re-open

If your plan to declutter the home has left you with a pile of unwanted items that you could donate to charity, sort them, and box them, and keep them safe at home.

Robin Osterley, Chief Executive of the Charity Retail Association, said: “Charity shops are so grateful that people are setting aside quality pre-loved items in this trying time, and they will benefit greatly once the time comes for them to reopen.”

“Please keep them to one side and take them to your local charity shop when they reopen.”


Don’t Leave donations outside charity shops

However well-intentioned, charities are urging people not to leave donations on their doorsteps, as they have no way of collecting items and storing them safely. If left outside, they risk being ruined by the weather, or animals, or even being stolen.


Don’t Put waste you’d take to the tip in your wheelie bin

Across the UK, one in ten local authority bin collections and one in four recycling collections have been disrupted to some extent by the coronavirus crisis. Some areas have seen a surge in the amount of waste left out for collection, and councils are urging people to keep hold of their decluttering waste until recycling centres reopen.

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