The Most Common Types Of Home Demolition Work

There are times when your home needs a change, and one of the first steps involves small demolition jobs to prepare your building for a larger extension or repair.

When it comes to demolition, the safest and most effective approach is to contact the professionals. After all, they have a lot of experience, know exactly how to approach each demolition task and can offer expert advice.

However, some smaller home demolition jobs are more common than others, and here are the most common.


Bathroom Remodelling

Because bathrooms are filled with functional elements that are connected to the water supply, demolishing a bathroom should never be attempted unless you are working with professionals in the field.

They can help ensure the pipes are drained and safely remove toilets, sinks, bathtubs, kitchen cabinets and tiling, ensuring that these remnants are donated or recycled in the process.


Kitchen Demolition

Whilst there is less to go wrong with a kitchen demolition, with only the sink requiring special attention, there are a lot of heavy appliances and surfaces to remove that would be extremely difficult to move on your own.

Working with a dedicated team can get your kitchen stripped and ready for a complete renewal.


Wall Removal

The most common and important job in demolition is removing walls and can be done to create a doorway for an extension, change the layout of a home to a more open-plan arrangement or pave the way for a larger expansion.

Demolishing walls is a technical and carefully considered job, as not only do you need to protect supporting walls, but the process of knocking a wall down produces dangerous amounts of dust.

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